Monday, May 25, 2015

It takes a village

On this post I wanted to show you tags I have created, each of which contains ideas or something given to me by the many creative and wonderful women I have met through the Google plus communities. For me art can be somewhat isolating, so sharing within these communities has truly been a gift.

The first three tags will be given to a woman headed into yet another surgery next week. She is expecting a full recovery and will soon be able to return to her artwork. I have always admired her spirit and courage.

The background for the tag is a glimmer spray paper given to me by sweet Felicia, with whom I tag swap frequently. I doubt she can recognize it! The female image was digitally created by my friend Sheri, who does amazing digital art, among her many talents. The beads on the jump ring and the 3-D gloss through a stencil were ideas shared by wonderful mixed media queen Jackie :).

These ladies were also part of the digital art page by Sheri. The black tag was a gift included in a tag swap by Shel. I will be using more black tags from now on! 

These cute vintage girls were one of many wonderful vintage photo copies sent to me by Jackie!

This vintage photo was also one sent to me by Jackie. She has an amazing selection and I will be using more of them!
Last time Felicia sent me tags I studied them intensely because I love the many layers she uses and the vintage look she achieves so I "borrowed" ;) her idea of layering cheese cloth underneath the photo, love that!

So that's a wrap for today and I want to thank all of these women and many others who have shared their ideas, artwork and ephemera with me. I also want to think these women and the many others who have provided me with amazing support and feedback in the past years since I started delving into mixed media. Heartfelt thanks! Becky


  1. Wonderful tags, and a great nod to your art friends!

  2. Thank you kind Win! You are included in that group of art art friends you know ;),

  3. Bec!!
    What an awesome post!! It was certainly very kind and thoughtful of you to mention your art sisters,even though you didn't have to! You are too sweet!!
    I love the cheesecloth inspiration from Felicia!And black tag from Shel,and Sherie's digital work is amazing! And those little characters- I love that tag the best-so cool!! I am sure Dawn will love her tags sooo much!
    Thanks for sharing Becky! ")

  4. Thanks so much dear friend Jackie! I just felt the need to express how much I appreciate my Google family of creative women friends and artists! Xo

  5. Great post Becky :) I too love the community of artists here on G+. The more we share the more each of us can do. It is like a brain storming think tank around here! We are truely blessed :)

  6. Becky, I feel so honored to be a "small" part of the healing process for your dear friend! I pray that she does indeed have FULL and swift recovery after her surgery!! What a lovely friend you are for encouraging her in that way!! I love how you incorporated all of our "style" into tags for another "art sister"! I believe we are ALL here to lift one another up and I hope she feels that love as she recovers! I appreciate your sweet comments concerning my own little style and of course my other art sisters' styles as well! We are a blessed community that I love being a part of and one of the best parts was surely meeting you my wonderful friend! Thanks for this inspiring post! :)))))) Blessings

  7. I am so loving getting into the swaps and meeting new people. And I totally understand how art can be isolating. Espically this kind of art. I love the tags you made the story about how they came to be!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Dana! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, you and many others have inspired me to jump on the blog bandwagon :)